A global social finance DAO focused on supporting innovative startups in crypto.

We are an exclusive group focused on pushing crypto towards a better path.

Exnetwork stands for Exponential network. We are a global tight-knit group of investors, builders, traders and influencers focused on investing, promoting and advising purposeful projects with passionate founders.

We are a progressive distributed autonomous organization or DAO which means that we are gradually shifting the control of the group over to the most deserving members via participating in core activities.

Social Finance or SOFI

We conceptualized SOFI as a framework for utilizing the blockchain to bind a social network towards a common goal and achieve greater things.

Using dual tokens and blockchain oriented tools, Exnetwork hopes to achieve exponential gains for it's members while also providing the greater crypto world with useful data, tools and frameworks for others to adopt or learn from.

The SOFI Manifesto (coming soon)
social is exceptional

The Exnetwok Tokens Presentation

Exnetwork has minted EXNT and EXNG as the world's first social finance tokens. The concept and goals are presented above.

Exnetwork Tokens



EXNT is the binding SOFI token of Exnetwork.

  • Staking EXNT grants you access to the inner circle of the Exnetwork community.
  • Staking EXNT lets you mine EXNG, the governance token of the Exnetwork community.
  • You can use EXNT to tip and reward fellow members.
  • Staked EXNT can be used as security deposit for OTC sellers. Buyers will have deal abandonment.
  • EXNTs can be used in the alpha marketplace where traders and insiders can sell edge or alpha.
  • EXNTs can be slashed when the owner has committed a serious violation or malicious actions.

EXNT is available at DEXs such as Uniswap and OTC groups such as The OTC room.



EXNG is the governance SOFI token of Exnetwork.

  • Voting rights in the Exnetwork DAO.
  • Mother governance for all internal Exnetwork Cryptotools Incubator.
  • Reward for allocation agents and brokers.
  • Jury Duty for disputes and judgements.
  • Create proposals to change Exnetwork DAO operation parameters or promote/demote/ban a member.
  • Not for sale, only mined.

EXNT is available at DEXs such as Uniswap and OTC groups such as The OTC room.